Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ban Fracking in Colorado! Please Sign the Petition

Governor Hickenlooper proposed new regulations that govern natural gas development in Colorado a few months ago. These new rules were just made public, but instead of putting in real protections for our drinking water and families, they fall short by letting companies like Shell and Chevron continue to frack Colorado.

Can you tell Governor Hickenlooper that it's time to get real: ban fracking now!

Former Petroleum Engineer
Gov. John Hickenlooper
Phone:(303) 866-2471
Fax:(303) 866-2003

As a constituent, I feel the new oil and gas rule falls abysmally short in protecting my drinking water, my family and my community. I urge you to ban fracking in Colorado to truly protect my future.

The proposed disclosure rule has a giant loophole that allows oil and gas companies to claim trade secret exemptions to avoid revealing what they are putting into the ground. There is no appeal to challenge these trade secrets; the oil and gas companies are unaccountable. This trade secret exemption needs to be taken out of the rule.

Furthermore, simply because I know what is potentially contaminating my drinking water doesn't make me any safer--my drinking water is still being contaminated. I urge you to ban fracking in order to truly protect Colorado and Coloradans.



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