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Study: Dirty air in Erie linked to gas drilling - Homes built on top of abandoned wells?

Daily Camera
John Aguilar

ERIE -- A study showing that Erie exceeds Houston and Los Angeles in the levels of certain air pollutants commonly connected to oil and gas activity became a point of concern for several trustees Tuesday night during a meeting held to formulate local rules for resource extraction.

"I was kind of shocked by the things I heard," said Trustee Ronda Grassi, after listening to a presentation from a research scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Steven Brown, a NOAA scientist in Boulder, told the trustees and a roomful of industry experts that an air monitoring study conducted in Erie last winter revealed that levels of butane, ethane and propane -- compounds associated with oil and gas drilling and production -- were "large."

Specifically, Brown said Erie's propane levels exceeded by a factor of 10 those detected in Pasadena, Calif., in 2010.

That prompted a scoffing reaction from Trustee Mark Gruber, who said he used to avoid Pasadena when he lived in southern California strictly because of its poor air quality.

"Propane is much, much larger in Erie than it is in major urban areas, and that is a clear signature that we are impacted by oil and gas," Brown said.

But the scientist said the data don't definitively show if the air pollution detected in the study is being produced by the hundreds of active natural gas wells operating in Erie or whether most of it is migrating in from surrounding communities also located in the massive Wattenberg Gas Field northeast of Denver.

Tuesday's revelation came as Erie is in the midst of...

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Citizens of Erie, Colorado,

Remember your Mayor and Board of Trustees work for you. It's not what's in the best interest for their longevity, or navigating their positions politically that matters. It's your health, and your children's health, that matters how they should address these incredible concerns.  It appears these significant concerns would, in-fact, pose long-term health risks to you from associated oil and gas development.

It is your vote that counts. You, the Erie citizen, should email the Mayor and all Trustees your imminent health concerns. The Mayor appeared to showcase a 'fake' concern and quickly wash his hands during his 'damage controlled' final statement last night.

The current elevated chemicals in  Erie's air are very harmful in large concentrations to you, and do pose significant increased risks of asthma, scarring of the lungs and other chemically associated risks.  Why would anyone take a risk and allow further development when your air quality standards exceed acceptable harmful levels. Will your city properly address these issues or will they have their own interests in mind?

Another question that came up at the city council meeting/study session was that it appears many homes in Erie are situated in close proximity or possibly on-top of abandoned oil and gas wells. We are trying to obtain more information on this from the source and will report back later.

Call or email your Mayor and Board of Trustees about your concerns. Should oil and gas development continue in the city limits of Erie? Should you know if your house is on-top of an abandoned oil and gas well?  Let them know you will not vote for them unless they call for a moratorium to address the current concerns and work towards cleaning your air and environment.

To email the Mayor and all trustees at once, please use:

Joe Wilson - Mayor Email April 2012 1656 Alpine Dr.
Erie, CO 80516 Ph: 303-358-4114
Fx: 303-926-2706

Cheryl Hauger - Mayor Pro Tem Email April 2012 1179 Northview Dr.
Erie, CO 80516 Ph: 303-828-9109
Fx: 303-926-2706

Joe Carnival - Trustee Email April 2014 1656 Bain Dr.
Erie, CO 80516 Ph: 303-834-5410
Fx: 303-926-2706

Ronda Grassi - Trustee Email April 2014 1894 Grenfell Court
Erie, CO 80516 Ph: 303-665-3217
Fx: 303-926-2706

Mark Gruber - Trustee Email April 2014 1398 Clayton Way
Erie, CO 80516 Ph: 720-383-4212
Fx: 303-926-2706

Paul Ogg - Trustee Email April 2012 96 Bonanza Dr.
Erie, CO 80516 Ph: 303-828-0764
Fx: 303-926-2706

Colin Towner - Trustee Email April 2012 720 Austin Ave., Suite 105
Erie, CO 80516 Ph: 303-818-3314
Fx: 303-926-2706


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  1. Not sure who Mayor Wilson works for when after last night's meeting he comes up to you talking about his concerns for protecting corporate citizens.

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