Sunday, April 1, 2012

Aerial Images of Fracking Pads - Fracking Site Images

April 1st, 2012

Aerial images of fracking pads, fracking sites in Colorado. We encourage you to spend time looking very closely at the images as you will eventually find more wells than you initially thought existed. You may find historic wellpads that appear to not have been remediated/reclaimed, or liquid spills that burn the ground due to the toxic nature of the chemicals. The images show the 'pig-greed' disgusting nature of the oil and gas industry as they literally destroy the land of the people of America.

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#@!! you Oil and Gas! Your bullshit propaganda and snake oil advertisements you pedal to the markets and the people of America are false. *Take your nonsense rhetoric and  jump in an open evaporation pit of flowback fluid & produced water and drink your way out. *But for your safety (we do not recommend doing this).

Leave our lands alone. Stop harming the innocent people, our water, our air and contaminating our Constitutional Rights!

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