Monday, July 4, 2011

Colorado: Shell gets OK for fracking in Spanish Peaks Colorado

State approves 14,000-foot-deep fracking operation without public hearing

The Spanish Peaks, with La Veta to the north.
Posted on by Bob Berwyn   

SUMMIT COUNTY — Shell Oil & Gas has been cleared to drill deep into a unique geological formation near the Spanish Peaks, in southern Colorado, to explore new natural gas resources.

Huerfano County planning and elected officials gave the exploratory fracking project a conditional green light last week, to the dismay of many local residents who are clamoring for more upfront research and better safeguards against environmental impacts.

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission last month denied a citizen request for a public hearing because the request didn’t come from a local government entry.

“To my knowledge, this is the first fracking operation on the Front Range of Colorado,” said Sandy Borthick, member of a citizens group which presented a request for “seven safeguards” to the Huerfano planning and zoning commission.

The approval process was fraught with controversy, as the planning and zoning commission refused to let members of the public speak at preliminary meetings on the approval. Scott King, chair of the commission, threatened to forcibly remove citizens from meetings, according to Ceal Smith, of the San Luis Valley Renewable Communities Alliance.

When audience members protested this action, King responded with, “So sue us,” according to Smith.

The group, Citizens for Huerfano County, requested a public hearing with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, but was turned down because the request did not come from a local government body. Check out this Facebook page on fracking in Huerfano County.


How on Earth could the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) give the green light when the public is asking for initial research to prove the drilling (fracking) techniques will safeguard their livelihoods? is now officially asking that the COGCC REMOVE 'Conservation' from their name.  You have no business leaning on the term ‘Conservation’, when you do not employ it!


  1. How do people take action on this? is now officially asking that the COGCC REMOVE 'Conservation' from their name.

  2. Where is the State Engineer in all this? Taken from the NSPE Code Of Ethics;
    I. Fundamental Canons
    Engineers, in the fulfillment of their professional duties, shall:
    1. Hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public.
    I have not seen evidence of compliance as it pertains to fracking. It is time for him to fulfill his ethical responsibility.

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