Monday, January 23, 2012

Environmental groups rally for NY ‘fracking’ bills

January 23, 2012 4:50 PM

(AP) ALBANY, N.Y. — Health and environmental groups rallied at New York State's Capitol on Monday to call for a legislative ban on hydraulic fracturing of natural gas wells, saying no amount of regulation can adequately safeguard water supplies from contamination.

"Fracking is the most important environmental issue this state has faced in the past 100 years," Sen. Tony Avella, sponsor of a bill to ban hydraulic fracturing, said at the rally in the Legislative Office Building next to the Capitol.

"There is no possible regulation or series of regulations that can stop the one incident that pollutes our water supply for 1,000 years."

Organizers said about 600 people from around the state traveled to Albany and registered to lobby state lawmakers for various bills related to the practice known as fracking, which stimulates gas production by injecting wells with millions of gallons of chemically treated water to fracture shale.

Noting that some mainstream environmental groups have been pushing for strict regulation of fracking rather than a ban, Avella said, "Shame on you! There can be no compromise on this issue."

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  1. In Manhattan we have neighborly fecal matter back flowing making drinking water unpotable unless extensively purified and these idiot hypocites complain about fracking? They should be made to pay for the ridiculous environmental mandates they impose on other by finally building their own Manhatan water purification system instead of keeping Westchester under envriomental occupation so that they and not upstate has the right to police their drinking water.

    ReplyDelete is a medium for concerned citizens to express their opinions in regards to 'Fracking.' We are Representatives of Democracy. We are Fractivists. We are you.