Monday, January 23, 2012

"Fracking industry requests and welcomes more oversight and regulations in Longmont." (Internal email)

City of Longmont, (Boulder County) CO
Internal email
Jan 23 2012


May we remind you of a few important elements that your 'keen' eye has overlooked.

Total number of oil and gas spills and notices of alleged violations (per county) filed with the State of Colorado

Compilation of Actual Fracking Complaints - Dear County Commissioners

Hydrogen sulfide high at 53 wells, Noble says

Boulder County, CO Landowner Complaint - Health Concerns from Emissions and Surface Agreement Second Thoughts

COGCC requests emergency funding for explosive levels of methane seeping into occupied residential homes from abandoned oil and gas wells

Groundwater Investigation - Pavillion Wyoming

Dear Mr. Terry Gulliver,

Care for a bite of apple? We assure you, it's safe...

Email Terry your thoughts, we did.
Denver, ColoradoTel: 303 782 0164

We agree, the industry does need more oversight and regulations. The COGCC has failed miserably to prevent adverse environmental and human health impacts in regards to mining that uses the processes, 'hydraulic fracturing.'.

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  1. WOW!! An industry person admitting they need better guidance. This person thinks too much of himself.

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