Thursday, January 19, 2012

Halliburton to build $20 million terminal in Windsor to support hydraulic fracturing activity (IMAGE)

Mark Jaffe
Houston-based Halliburton will build a $20 million sand terminal in Windsor to support its hydraulic fracturing activity in the Denver-Julesburg Basin, the company said.

Halliburton will use 54 acres in the Great Western Industrial Park, which is being developed by the Denver-based Broe Group.

Sand is a key component in fracking fluid, which is pumped into wells under pressure to fracture rock and release more oil and gas. The sand props open the tiny fissures.

There has been an increase in hydrofracturing the in the basin as companies search the Niobrara formation, which is more than 6,000 feet below the surface, for oil deposits using horizontally drilled wells.

"With the increasing interest in horizontal well development in the DJ Basin, we have seen an increase in exploration and production by some of our key customers,"

Halliburton senior region vice president Rick Grisinger said in a statement.

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