Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hunt for oil, gas beneath Pawnee National Grassland gets attention

Denver Post
By Monte Whaley

The Pawnee Buttes rise from the landscape at
 Pawnee National Grassland in northeast
Colorado. The site attracts birders, stargazers
and other nature lovers as well as oil and gas
companies eager to develop its riches.
 (Denver Post file)

Environmentalists are waking up to the fact that there is major oil and gas activity at the Pawnee National Grassland, and they vow not to let another huge exploration venture go without comment.
"There is fire in our belly," said Judy Enderle, executive director of the Denver-based Prairie Preservation Alliance. "This is precious shortgrass prairie and it must be protected."
The U.S. Forest Service, which manages the 193,000-acre grassland along the Wyoming border between Greeley and Sterling, is preparing to send out scoping letters advising landowners, environmental groups, American Indian tribes and anyone else with an interest in the Pawnee that trucks that pound the ground looking for deposits of oil and natural gas will roll again this this year.
When the agency sent similar notification last year, 60 letters and advertising in the Greeley Tribune yielded only four responses, including one from the Colorado Audubon Society, said Forest Service spokeswoman Reghan Cloudman.
The Pawnee is so far off the beaten path that it could slip off the radar screen for many people, Cloudman said.
"The Pawnee is far away from any large residential area, and the landowners out there are used to a lot of activity," she said.

This is NO LONGER America... Our Constitution needs to be amended immediately to favor the environment and not industry. For without the environment, we have nothing.


  1. I was recently informed that my family holds the land grant deed to lots three and four and the east half of the northwest quarter of section thirty one in township nine north of range sixty west of the sixth principal meridian, Colorado, containing three hundred twenty three thirty hundredths acres.
    Translation; My land once I can secure it, was given to my grandfather in a patented land grant in 1914 by Woodrow Wilson and the land is transferable to all heirs. So im gonna be the new kid on the block soon once I get the lawyers involved and point them in the direction of my superior title to this grasslands and will use all my power to reclaim my familys rightful land in the spirit of Brein V town of Huntington.
    Ill want something for all my legal costs but my documents look very secure. Cant say I wouldnt lease my land at a huge profit to these wildcatters because why else would I pursue a homestead deed if it wernt for the profit or to be traded something else in exchange?

  2. Ive made a couple of comments already. They must not have been approved by fractivists hell bent on not seeing this fracking happen. Any opposition or landowners excited about royalties are not posted up anyway, so why bother posting opinions, when you really dont want them unless they are against fracking.

    ReplyDelete is a medium for concerned citizens to express their opinions in regards to 'Fracking.' We are Representatives of Democracy. We are Fractivists. We are you.