Thursday, March 15, 2012

Colorado Oil and Gas Task Force Mission Questioned



One Republican member of a governor-appointed task force on oil and gas drilling says the panel is little more than political cover for state leaders who don’t want to deal with the controversial issue of fracking – and its spread into populated areas along the Front Range.
After lawmakers killed several bills that would have given local governments more authority to regulate oil and gas drilling, Governor Hickenlooper appointed a 12 member task force to study the thorny issues and potentially make policy recommendations by next month.
There were at times impassioned debates as the task force held its second meeting in Denver Thursday.

“People are furious,” said Brian Bagley, a Longmont city council member. 

Bagley has quickly emerged as one of the task force’s most vocal opponents. 
“I was quoted yesterday as saying that the task force is a joke,” Bagley said. “I was asked specifically, ‘what are your thoughts on the task force,’ and I said, ‘I kind of think it’s a joke,’ because I feel like we’re providing political cover for people I don’t care about.”
Bagley predicted that the panel would get bogged down in process, instead of coming up with solutions so that cities like his could pass their own regulations to limit drilling. 

How many times do we need to remind the County 'joke' Commissioners from Weld County that your county has, in-fact had over 625 complaints regarding mining/fracking.  We urge you to immediately stop misinforming the public. Your county is a joke and to think that people should live in an industrialized county is ludacris. We have received emails from people in Weld County who are moving because of the very fact they feel their lives and way of life is being sacrificed by the fracking industry.
It appears you are sadly misinformed or are speaking without the facts. Which is it?

Click HERE Weld County Commissioners, for the truth.

One other thing: "Weld County received roughly $50 million in oil and gas revenues in 2011. Why then in 2001 was Weld County Food Bank publicly soliciting for money because 1 in 4 children go hungry?" said Shane Davis of the Coalition for a Clean Colorado (c3)  "It just doesn't make any sense at all."

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