Friday, March 2, 2012

Open Letter to Governor Hickenlooper [FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE]

Hey Gov,... you got a little oil and gas on your tooth.
Coalition for a Clean Colorado

Open Letter to Governor Hickenlooper

The Coalition for a Clean Colorado is a newly formed alliance of grassroots citizen groups working to protect their communities from destructive oil and gas drilling and fracking. We are united in our belief, that clean air and water, clean government and an economy powered by local, clean energy are essential for healthy communities and a livable future. We depend on and expect our elected officials to represent and protect our interests.

Your recent advertisements on behalf of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA), an industry that stands to reap billions from the accelerated extraction of dirty and life threatening fossil energy, is in direct conflict with your sworn duty to prevent adverse environmental and human health impacts to the People of Colorado, and a shocking breach of public trust.

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s own database confirms over 1,000 oil and gas spills have impacted groundwater since 2009. These releases and other chemical emissions, legalized through multiple industry exemptions, have long impacted the health, safety and welfare of our communities. It’s time these impacts be acknowledged and mitigated with the level of diligence the citizens of Colorado deserve.

County land use regulations, ordinances and charter amendments empowered by the Colorado Constitution and upheld by the courts, are the only means left for people to protect their communities from the abuses of an overly powerful industry. Two weeks ago, thousands of citizens and the legislature spoke firmly against total state preemption as embodied in HB 12-088 and in favor of local regulatory authority over oil and gas activities.

Your executive order on fracking goes against the will of the people and undermines our democratic process. We, the people of Colorado who will be directly affected by its decisions, are in no way represented by the Task Force; therefore, we call on you to rescind the executive order.


· Jennifer Palazzolo, for Coalition for a Clean Colorado
· Ceal Smith, for Renewable Communities Alliance
· Keli Kringel, President for Citizens for Huerfano County, La Veta
· Sonia Skakich-Scrima, Founder, for What the Frack?! Arapahoe
· Joe Bassman, for LongmontROAR, Longmont
· April Beach, for Erie Rising, Erie
· Rick Blotter, for Elbert County Oil & Gas Interest Group (ECOGIG), Agate
· Ken Regelson, for RenewablesYES!, Boulder
· Doris LeDue, for The South Park Coalition, Inc., Como
· Phil Doe, for Be The Change, Denver
· Robert James IV, for Be The Change, USA, Lakewood
· Kyle Elston, for Routt County Frack, Steamboat Springs
· Alison Gannett, Founder for North Fork Fracking, Paonia
· Lisa Bracken, for Journey of the Forsaken, Silt

· Greg Eells, PE for Coloradoans for Fair Rates and Clean Energy (CO-FORCE)
· Kathleen Dudley, for Drilling Mora County, Mora, NM
· B. Arrindell, Director for Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, Milanille, PA

New signatories since first release:
· Fred Kirsch, Director for Community for Sustainable Energy, Ft. Collins
· Cecelia Severance, for Rural Property Owners Association, Walsenburg
· Tracy Dahl, North Fork Ranch, Weston
· Ashley Collins, for Citizens for Safe Fracking in Adams County, Commerce City


to tell Hickenlooper: Clean Up Colorado!

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