Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dead Animals observed in Adams County Ditch - Producing oil and gas well nearby - open pits?

Source: GatewayNews.org
April 10, 2012

Commerce City – The Gateway News received a news tip from an Adams County resident about a large pile of dead pigs located at about Imboden Street and 88th Avenue . It was reported that the pigs had been laying in the ditch for several days. When a reporter was confused about the location of the dead pigs, that person found a dead goat and another dead pig along 88th Avenue, east of Imboden.

Tri County Health Department’s Environmental Health division has been contacted and will give us a report as further information is available. If you observe any dead animals please contact them at 303-288-6816 and ask to speak to an environmental health inspector.

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  1. Something smells in Adams County....and I'm not talking about the benzene from the wide open un sealed produced water tanks located up and down Imboden Road.....


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