Friday, April 13, 2012

Leak coats 10 acres near South Heart in oil mist

Dickinson Press
April 13,2012

SOUTH HEART — As employees of a Denver-based drilling company vigorously sprayed down oil-glazed equipment on a rig northwest of South Heart on Thursday, a concerned landowner sat quietly in a nearby pick-up and gazed at the discolored chunk of his land blanketed by an oil spill that took place the previous afternoon.

Mike O’Bach of South Heart said he was told a plug or gasket failed at approximately 2 p.m. Wednesday, causing pressurized oil to shoot out from the rig and become airborne. He believes strong winds then carried oil mist over to his fields.

O’Bach added that he is worried the spill could have harmful effects on the surrounding environment because oil settled on both sides of 34th Street, near a dam and wetlands.

“I’m kind of concerned there about water contamination,” O’Bach said. “This will eventually drain into the Heart River.”

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