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Energy In Depth says ‘GASLANDS’ star lied about Colorado fracking | Washington Examiner

by MB Snow

By: Mark Tapscott 02/20/11
Editorial Page Editor

If you pay any attention at all to energy issues, odds are good you’ve heard in recent days about two things – a so-called documentary film, Gasland,’ and the alleged environmental evils of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” There is more truth about the latter in the first 2,000 pages of the New York City telephone directory than anywhere in Gasland.

Case in point, according to Energy In Depth, an industry supported watchdog group that calls out Big Green environmental extremists whenever they try to mislead the public, government or the media.
Recently, Gasland’s director, Josh Fox, was challenged on CNN when the host noted that EID has established a webpage devoted to exposing his documentary’s multiple misrepresentations, including the assertion that methane gas was detected in the drinking water in an area of Colorado as a result of fracking.

“This is insane. … The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission confirmed that was oil and gas related,” Fox responded.

But EID points out the truth, according to the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission, which stated: “Dissolved methane in well water appears to be biogenic in origin. … There are no indications of oil & gas related impacts to water well.”

This is not an isolated incident, but rather just the latest of many similar misrepresentations – actually, EID calls them “lies” – by critics of fracking and the energy industry. Go here for the full clip of the above exchange on CNN and more examples from EID.

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