Thursday, March 17, 2011

Building Community Relationships in Northern Colorado - REALLY?

“We are dedicated to contributing to the well-being of the communities impacted by their operations,” explains Wendy Wiedenbeck, Encana Oil & Gas (USA), Inc.’s, Public & Community Relations Advisor.

“The company strives to be a good neighbor and works closely with communities to understand their needs.”


Case in Point: In 2010, Encana invested more than $1.9 million throughout Colorado; and through partnerships with nonprofit organizations and local municipalities, the company contributed more than $393,000 in northeast Colorado.

“Encana continually seeks opportunities to build strategic relationships that generate positive change and support six key areas: education, the environment, family and community wellness, sport and recreations, community enhancement and employee programs,” Wendy notes.
Last year,the energy company approved and awarded 120 grant requests that helped fund a wide range of sustainable community initiatives.

Highlights from last year’s community investment program include:


· Colorado Meth Project prevention program
· The GO3 Foundation for ozone education
· Five $10,000 high school scholarships
· Thorne Ecological Institute’s Project BEAR enviro program
· Colorado School of Mines Foundation to support laboratory facilities
· Special Transit for a new energy efficient HVAC system
· Town fairs and community events in Erie, Firestone and Frederick

Investing in the community and fostering productive partnerships enables Encana to work with area organizations to resolve local issues and contribute to the well-being of our communities.

“That’s what its all about, Wendy says. “We remain focused on being a good, responsible neighbor and actively contributing to improve, strengthen and build the towns where we live and work.”

Now let's see the list where they DO NOT INVEST.

  • How many aquifers have they potentially polluted? 

  • How many rivers have been potentially polluted.

  • How many animals and humans have been negatively been affected by their fracking practices?

  • How many  people have been told to NOT say anything?

  • How many people are out there that are afraid of losing their jobs if they said the truth about ENCANA?

  • How much should they invest in the environment as opposed to what they have stolen from it?

Tell us your thoughts...

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