Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oil & Gas Drilling: A Winning Proposition or A Risk We Can't Afford to Take?

Travis Yee appears to not be a good representative for the COGA by his inconsiderate, condescending mannerisms in public. He chides private citizens when they speak. He rolls his eyes and scoffs at their statements in a  manner that is not professional and not representative of a State agency. Is this the way the industry treats the people?

We are very disappointed that it appears COGA has a rude representative.

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As part of Adams State College's "Talk Straight to Adams State" program, Community Partnerships invited a distinguished panel of guests to discuss the future of oil and gas drilling in Colorado.

Adams State College's Community Partnerships links the college and the community of the San Luis Valley together in order to increase the standard of living for all residents .To learn more, please visit: http://www.adams.edu/community/partnerships/

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  1. I saw this guy at the EPA hearing in Denver. He was laughing at people's comments and personal stories about how gas mining destroyed their property and livelihoods. I actually thought this guy worked for the oil and gas industry. What a shame.


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