Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Petition to Ban Hydraulic Fracturing of the Marcellus Shale

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Fluid from hydraulic fracturing, a mixture of water and toxic chemicals, is harmful to us and our water supply. This chemical cocktail includes; formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, hydrocarbons, glycol ethers, diesel fuel that contains benzene, toluene, and other chemicals. These chemicals have known negative health effects on the respiratory, neurological, central nervous systems, and can cause cancer.

These fracking fluids are injected into and near water resources resulting in contamination of our wells and watersheds. Communities are also at risk because the trucks containing these chemicals leak and spill. Likewise, the chemicals and fracking fluids are evaporated off at drilling sites. We must stand up together and say: STOP FRACKING THE MARCELLUS SHALE!

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