Saturday, February 18, 2012

Committee Review of House Bill 1277 Assuring Local Control of Oil Gas Regulation - PLEASE SIGN

Now House Bill 12-1277 is in Committee this Monday!

House Bill 1277 gives local governments more control. Let's support this bill which gives local county governments the power to regulate oil and gas activities. The provision to allow a ban was removed, and we need to ask that it be put back in.

Event: Committee Review of House Bill 1277 Assuring Local Control of Oil Gas Regulation

Start: Monday, February 20, 2012 1:30 to 3:30 pm

HB12-1277 expressly reconfirms that local land use regulation of the impacts of oil and gas operations, including fracking, is an important state interest, and that requirements imposed by the COGCC are in addition to NOT instead of local land use permit requirements. Oil and gas operations have to go through city or county permitting processes in which local governments can impose conditions or even reject a permit for fracking wells that do not satisfy local permit requirements.

Click here to view the bill in its entirety

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  1. It is necessary for local governments to regulate the oil and gas industry (any industry) relative to public health and safety, environmental resource protection and conservation; as well as balanced planning interests relative to appropriate zoning capacities, resources and needs.

    Such efforts should compliment and comply with standardized federal laws which protect public health and safety, environmental resource protections and conservation.

    Federal exemptions have led to the need for local control, which has sadly been eaily corrupted and exploited, requiring the overarching support of adequate federal laws.

    -- Lisa Bracken

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