Thursday, February 16, 2012

Senate Bill 12-088 DEFEATED 4-1

Senate Bill 12-088

Senator Harvey
The Colorado Senate has proposed SB088 wherein they propose to preempt all local County control to regulate the oil and gas industry. This means that the COGCC alone will be in charge of all oil and gas operations. Without local control, their are no protections for the citizens that are affected by oil and gas.

This means that control over the setback distances, drilling spacing units, storage/disposal of carcinogenic waste water, the depletion of underground water supplies, the contamination of underground water supplies, the flaring of carcinogenic gas from wells, the traffic as well as the general impact on human and animal health, property values and quality of life will reside only in the hands of the State bureaucrats. The COGCC does not have a mission to protect landowners and residents.

Urge your state legislators to reject SB088 and replace it with a bill that grants local authority the power to regulate over the COGCC.


This Senate Bill was one of the most ridiculous bills ever introduced in Colorado! Senator Harvey, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Thank you to all the Twitter friends out there for your 1,000 lightning fast signatures!!   YOU ROCK!

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