Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Colorado Regulators Hold Fracking Disclosure Hearing - View Public Comments

Dec 5, 2011

DENVER (AP) — Requiring oil and gas companies to publicly disclose what chemicals they use in hydraulic fracturing is important, but it’s not the first line of defense for protecting public health and the environment, the director of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission said Monday.

David Neslin’s comments came at a public hearing on the commission’s proposal to require public disclosures of fracking chemicals that aren’t trade secrets. It wasn’t clear whether commissioners would act on the proposal Monday.

Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, involves blasting water, sand and chemicals into rock formations to free oil and natural gas. Companies have been fracking for decades, but as drilling expands into more populated areas, residents near wells have expressed concerns about potential effects on their health and drinking water.

More than 100 people overflowed the room where the commission held a hearing Monday on the proposed rules.

Neslin said disclosures are important, but more critical are the state’s rules for monitoring wells, ensuring proper casing and cementing around oil and gas wells, and sampling water to help detect contamination.

“It’s only one tool,” Neslin said

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We think Neslin is the 'Tool.'


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