Monday, December 5, 2011

Video: Polish Fracking Opponents Block Shale Gas Industry Conference

Source: ProtectingOurWaters
December 5, 2011

From Pomerania to Philadelphia, from Syracuse to Sulęczyno, from Lewino to Lancashire, residents of drilling towns have experienced the consequences of hydraulic fracturing and are demanding the same thing: an end to their dispossession and a halt to the tragic degradation of the environment.

That proclamation was written by Polish demonstrators who disrupted, and prevented the keynote speech at, the “Shale Gas World Europe” conference in Warsaw, Poland yesterday. CEOs and representatives of Halliburton, Talisman Energy, Dow Chemical and others flew in for the conference. A dramatic video embedded below shows water contamination from fracking in Poland and documents yesterday’s direct action. Twelve people were arrested.

The Polish activists’ press release, excerpted here (full text below) articulates their analysis and motivation, showing a chilling parallel in Poland to current Pennsylvania legislation (SB 1100 / HB 1950) removing PA municipalities’ right to limit, control, or ban gas drilling operations within town limits:

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  1. The small grassroots group in Poland is a ray of light and hope to us all. Let's pick up their banner and beat the drums to their tune for the earth, The People's breath, and the water's ripples around the world.

  2. We in the gas fields in the U S, from Colorado, have seen much damage... we hope you can use the information from here documented in the two films 'Split Estate' and 'Gas Lands', both Emmy winners, and the book 'Collateral Damage, to help spread the word of what negatives accompany natural gas and oil exploration... Tara Meixsell/author of Collateral Damage

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