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Ex-oil worker blasts shale gas industry (VIDEO)

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Posted: Dec 2, 2011

Maxime Daigle worked on oil and gas rigs for seven years before quitting to devote his life to protesting what he believes are the perils of shale gas drilling.

Daigle spent his career in the oil and gas sector working in operations located in Alberta, British Columbia and across the United States.

He started as a roughneck and worked his way up to drilling foreman.
But he soon concluded the world's dependency on oil was killing the planet and he left the industry.

“We all have our hands dirty on it. It's just an awakening I went through that made me realize what I was doing was wrong and that I needed to try and make a difference,” he said.
So Daigle moved back home to New Brunswick and went back to school to study electrical engineering with a focus on renewable energy.

Daigle is one of the many citizens that are speaking out over fears about the shale gas industry.

There are nine companies that currently have 71 different leases to explore for shale gas. While the industry is in its infancy, it has turned into a high-profile political issue for Premier David Alward's government.

The Progressive Conservative government ushered in a new set of regulations in the summer that were intended to quiet the growing chorus of criticism against the industry.

Instead, there were more protests and some mining companies faced blockades from citizens unhappy with their presence.

The Alward government has promised that it will bring in a new Environmental Protection Plan in the spring. And Alward has committed, that if the shale gas industry is to have a future in New Brunswick, the provincial government will ensure it enforces the strictest regulations on the continent.

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