Saturday, December 3, 2011

OIL AND GAS: Drilling draws on scarce Colorado water supplies

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Natural gas drillers will need more water from cities on the Niobrara formation in Colorado for use in hydraulic fracturing, which municipalities say they just may not have.
The operators have already purchased about 500 million gallons of water from local municipalities this year, but this usage will likely grow as a new announcement last week by Anadarko Petroleum Corp. suggested that 1 billion barrels of oil may lie in the shale.
Each new well requires 1 million to 5 million gallons of water to drill. State natural resource planners are now calculating how much water will be available for drilling in an already water-stressed state.
"This area was called the Great American Desert for a reason," said Sean Conway, a Weld County commissioner. "Long term, we're going to have to have serious discussions about new water storage."


Do not be fooled that farmers and landowners will get a 'big fat paycheck' from the industry to purchase their water. No amount of money is worth using your water to extinction. Once this water is used in fracking it will never be the same and will not become drinkable again.  Please describe to us why then does the industry inject (dispose of)  their 'used toxic water' some, 8,000 feet into the ground to stay for all eternity?  Produced water is considered 'industrial waste' and is not potable whatsoever. Do not sell your water, do not sell our water to the oil and gas industry. Do not sell out to the greed that feeds the few and destroys the many.

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