Thursday, March 22, 2012

OG Task Force: Don't frack the people of Colorado! [Please sign petition]

Why This Is Important?
The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has failed miserably to enforce its own rules and to prevent adverse environmental and human health impacts.  Therefore, we call on the Task Force to engage the People of Colorado in a fair and Democratic exploration of oil and gas regulation to ensure transparency, objective findings and effective solutions.
The health, welfare, safety and environment of millions of Coloradans' are impacted by the oil and gas industry through the air we breathe, water we drink and a myriad of other ways. 
Our homes, schools, public places and watersheds are being encroached upon by the rush to develop new oil and gas resources using hydraulic fracturing technologies that have poorly understood but, potentially life-threatening impacts.
Yet the People of Colorado have no representation on the Task Force, or any meaningful way for our concerns to be heard and responsibly addressed.  
The grassroots Coalition for a Clean Colorado (c3) is calling on the Task Force, the Governor and our legislative leaders to adopt a meaningful public process, convene public hearings in all Colorado counties impacted by oil and gas development and to expand its mission to include monitoring, designation of no drill zones, Community Impact Assessments and other substantive issues identified through the public process.
Tell the Task Force why preserving and strengthening local powers to regulate oil and gas is important and why you signed this petition below.
Together WE WILL make a difference - thanks for signing!

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