Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Elbert County Colorado - Unknown and Potentially Deadly Consequences

Citizens for Elbert County
Make 2 phone calls on Tuesday, September, 13, 2011, and protect Elbert County from the unknown and potentially deadly consequences of "fracking" by BIG Oil & Gas Corporations.
Action Steps That Must be Taken on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 . . .
  1. Call President Obama at 1-888-498-2945 and the Democratic National Committee at 1-866-942-5148 and ask them to support measures to ban fracking in the United States until . . .
    1. the oil and gas industry's exemption from public health and safety laws is removed (They currently have a unique exemption from the Safe Water Drinking Act, the Clean Air Act, CERCLA Superfund Act, and 5 other federal regulations) and
    2. federally funded research can establish the scope of harm to date and
    3. the technology can be improved to avoid these serious threats
BIG Oil & Gas Companies like Chesapeake Energy, Conoco and others threaten to RAPE Elbert County of our natural resources, quality of life and the safety of the drinking water we desparately depend on. France has already banned fracking in their country. Why?
  • Water safety and security
  • Security of ranchland and farmland
  • Uncontrollable methane gas escape that is poisoning wells and aquifers and creating ozone worse than coal emissions
  • Earthquakes associated with deep oil well storage of wastewater
  • Serious water and air pollution that is causing a huge threat to public health and saftety
  • And the list goes on and on . . .
But how can this be in America? Don't be stupid . . . just follow the money of record profits in BIG Oil & Gas Corporations and their kickbacks to local and state government and you will have your answer.

The Obama Administration recently said that it will seriously consider petitions/call in drives that involve more than 5000 people. Please encourage your family members and friends to call on Tuesday, September 13, 2011! If they see a HUGE call in for banning fracking altogether, maybe we will at least get more traction on reguests to regulate it!
Citizens for Elbert County

Say, "Hello my name is _______, I live in (City, State) and I oppose hydraulic fracturing."
If the phone lines get jammed, send an email through the White House Contact page at:


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