Tuesday, October 4, 2011

22 Scientists Send Letter to SOE's Steven Chu Regarding Biased Fracking Panel - Scanned Letter


  1. Ah, I see the favored catch-all phrase 'climate impact' giving away the fact that the undersigned have absolutely no intention of making 'unbiased and scientifically sound' advice. The undersigned obviously need more taxpayer $$$ to fund their own research jobs and this is a convenient scare tactic for them to continue to feed at the public trough.

    I also find it a bit of an insult to automatically assume that because someone is involved with the natural gas industry, they are automatically going to act immorally.

  2. The anonymous post at 9:13am Mentions morals ....
    How do you answer the fact that the government has exempt the oil and gas industry from being regulated under most of the Clean AIr Act, the hazardous waste act RCRA, the superfund regulations CERCLA, Toxic Release Inventory, secret Fracking fluids, the Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, Community Right To Know, the list goes on....do I trust your comments? Bring these rules back to the table! I don't think you will...By the way ... What has the the State of Colorado allowed the oil and gas industry to spray on the roads to suppress dust????


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