Sunday, October 2, 2011

Featured Fracking Blog - 'Keep Tap Water Safe'

About Us

Keep Tap Water Safe

As concerned, environmentally-minded citizens of Southeastern Pennsylvania, our goal is to aggregate high-quality information about Water Supply Safety and Security; to alert our community about the complex and urgent issue of Natural Gas Drilling in the Delaware River Watershed; and to support the efforts of other environmental and water action groups concerned with the health of our rivers and streams.

Keep Tap Water Safe looks for environmental accountability at the Pennsylvania state and local level and, whenever possible, endeavors to apply maximum pressure to those driving energy and environmental legislation at the federal level.

Liz Rosenbaum, Editor,
A freelance writer, parent, avid researcher and gardener, Rosenbaum has worked in publishing at Philadelphia Magazine, and as a freelance copywriter and lifestyle journalist. In 2005, she wondered why no one in the media said much when the gas drilling exemptions were slipped into the Energy Policy Act, but it was seeing Josh Fox’s Oscar-nominated documentary Gasland that made her aware of the horrors of Natural Gas Drilling. She quickly realized that fracking is the single largest pollution threat to the water supply of 15.6 million people living in Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Southern New Jersey. Since then, she has become a volunteer for The Delaware Riverkeeper Network, striving to raise the platform of Fresh Water Security along with the issue of fracking. She’s heartened to have found over a million like-minded activists in Pennsylvania – so far.

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