Saturday, October 22, 2011

You're an idiot if you think you can attempt to move the minds of the young people to think 'fracking' is cool.

Andrew Schenkel
Check and Balances Project
Via Huffington Post
Posted: 10/20/11

Facebook, "South Park" and perhaps an image makeover are what the dirty gas industry needs to clean up its reputation.

Just a few short weeks ago the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission was described as having its collective "ass kicked" when it came to hydraulic fracturing. A Colorado natural gas executive said the problem with the industry is that it is not on Facebook and not watching enough South Park... Really.

During the conference, "Enhancing Shale Oil & Gas Development Strategies" in Denver, Tisha Conoly-Schuller the president and CEO of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association
(COGA) outlined the reasons why the public has turned against hydraulic fracturing and ways to fix this public relations nightmare.

The solution, in her mind, was simple: Make fracking cool. Among the many recommendations was to "[reposition] the industry to appeal more broadly to young people.", which was the "official blogger" of the event, quoted Conoly-Schiller in saying, "people that like South Park are our audience." She then went on to say that one way of tapping into that audience is through social media. "Conoly-Schuller closed her remarks by urging each of the executives to get on Facebook," reported Natural Gas Watch.

Continue to see the facebook profile page... "What do the Young and Hip People like?


You're an idiot if you think you can attempt to move the minds of the young people to think 'fracking' is cool.  You are so far out of touch with reality and the sense of adept minds you approach as changeable.  You will never succeed in your imaginary objective against the youth. Your goal is out of touch with reality and you are far, far  to late to think otherwise.

The youth will NOT be persuaded by a destructive industry that destroys the water, air and land of the people! The approach by the oil and gas industry was insincere and deceptive from day one. You cannot even remotely think you have an opportunity to change the minds of those the industry has destroyed.

If you want to change the minds of the youth, support non-destructive methods. Pack your bags, we don't want anything you're selling! The only support you will get is when fracking is BANNED!

Please take 15 seconds to email the COGCC  HERE and tell them Fracking will NEVER be cool!

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