Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gas-drilling worker charged after coworker makes coffee from fracking water

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
Associated Press

MONTROSE, Pa. — A former worker at a northeastern Pennsylvania gas drilling site has been fined $250 after another worker drank treated drilling water and became ill. The Times-Tribune of Scranton reports Jason Conklin was found guilty Monday on a summary disorderly conduct charge for the June incident in Dimock.

Conklin told a district judge no testing jars were available so he put treated hydraulic fracturing water into a bottle and took it into the break room. Another worker used the water to make a pot of coffee and immediately became nauseous.

He was diagnosed with intestinal inflammation that lasted several days.

The Times-Tribune report says the water had been labeled “Do Not Drink” but Conklin acknowledged he should have indicated it was treated drilling wastewater.

Conklin said he wasn’t trying to hurt anybody.

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