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Police officers threaten woman at BLM frack meeting (video)

Human Rights Examiner
April 25, 2011

Police action over woman's "If Fracking is 'Safe', then Drink This Water" sign

Sunday, Bureau of Land Management Director Bob Abbey announced that the agency is holding a five-hour "public forum" on Monday, April 24 MT, this time in Denver, to "discuss hydraulic fracturing fracking to stimulate natural gas production on Federal lands." The session at Marriott West, 1717 Denver West Blvd. in Golden, Colorado will be heavily controlled, rather than democratically for or with the public, if it follows same agenda that angry Little Rock residents witnessed Friday at BLM's "public forum" where police prevented peaceful freedom of speech and a Halliburton executive spoke.

Some Arkansas residents are angry about extensive fracking and what they say are lies being used to sway residents to approve fracking on their properties. They speak as though BLM did not really want many people to attend its "public forum" Friday at the Convention Center in Little Rock.

Approximately one month before BLM's Little Rock forum, the public received a generic notice about an upcoming fracking event, with no time or date. Days before the event, most of the public still had no specific information about the forum, even citizens actively sharing fracking information. A handful of staunch clean energy anti-frackers attended the forum.

The day before the event, some people who learned specifics about BLM's meeting, made plans to attend. Arkansas resident, Diane Brandmiller created a poster to taker to the event that said "If Fracking is 'Safe', then Drink this Water" complete with an attached water bottle full of "nasty, black, filmy water" as she described the water.

Brandmiller had collected her water sample from a Van Buren County home where foul water was coming out of their faucets while the gas well in their front yard was being fracked. Residents in many areas of Arkansas are now experiencing this same water deprivation as seen in Josh Fox's film, Gasland, much of which was filmed in Arkansas.

After Friday's BLM meeting and before the forum, Brandmiller stood next to the registration table, holding her bright red poster.

"After more people started coming in and a few talked with me about the poster, someone came over and said I would have to leave," she explained.

When she asked why she was being ousted, the stranger said it was "against the city Convention Center's policy."

"I asked to see that policy in writing," said Brandmiller, adding that he then left -- and brought back his boss.

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