Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WTFrack.org is seeking a representative for the Occupy DRBC - is it you?

We cannot make it to the rally but are looking for someone who can.

We fully support the 'Occupy Delaware River Basin Commission' Rally on Nov 21st, 2011 and are looking for the right person to represent WTFrack.org on our behalf from Denver, Colorado.
We will send  the chosen representative TWO FREE T-SHIRTS!

This effort needs assistance from across America, and we, WTFrack.org, and the State of Colorado would like call on you, to represent us at the rally.
HOW: All we ask is that you send us 150 words or less, indicating why you think you are the best FRACTIVIST to represent WTFrack.org at the 'Occupy DRBC' on November 21st, 2011.  Also indicate your T-Shirt Size, mailing address, and phone number.

Our in-house team will review all submissions to decide who will be the best representative for our organization. If you are chosen, you will receive two FREE WTFrack.org 'Occupy DRBC’ T-Shirts.

We have a short window to accept submissions and choose our representative, so send yours now!

You must agree to validate your participation at ‘Occupy DRBC’ by sending WTFrack.org at least three photographs of you at the rally. You will also be in charge of giving Josh Fox  your second official WTFrack.org T-shirt as an act of good-will and support from us in Denver, Colorado.
Hurry and submit your 150 words,T-Shirt Size, mailing address, and phone number as to why you are the best FRACTIVIST to represent us at DRBC!
EMAIL US: WTFrack.org@gmail.com : SUBJECT LINE - 'FRACTIVIST at DRBC' The deadline for submissions is: Nov 11th, 2011.

Thank you,

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