Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper Proposes Fracking Fluid Rule - Charlatan

Dan Elliott
The Associated Press
Post Independent
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

DENVER, Colorado — Gov. John Hickenlooper proposed Tuesday that energy companies operating in his state be required to publicly disclose the ingredients of the fluids they inject into the ground to extract more oil and gas, even though he said there is almost no chance the fluids are contaminating water wells.

“It's almost inconceivable” that so-called fracking fluids affect groundwater because they are released far below the level of the water, Hickenlooper told a Colorado Oil and Gas Association conference in Denver.

Disclosing the contents would help build public trust in the industry, said Hickenlooper, a Democrat and former petroleum geologist.

Fracking involves pumping a high-pressure mix of water and chemicals to crack rock formations deep underground and release oil and gas. The practice has taken on national importance as companies use it in more states.

Texas has a new law that will require energy companies to reveal the makeup of fracking fluids. Pennsylvania plans to measure baseline public health conditions in the northeastern part of the state to help track any future health impact from drilling.

Energy companies resist revealing what is in their fracking fluids, saying the contents are proprietary and disclosing them could hurt their ability to compete. Critics, including environmental groups, say the chemicals could be tainting drinking water.
Tisha Conoly Schuller, president and CEO of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, said the industry is “open to working with the administration” on disclosure rules.

Hickenlooper said fracking disclosure rules for Colorado would be written and enforced by the state Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, which regulates the energy industry in Colorado.
The energy industry has been harshly critical of...

Your forgetting one chronic element  Mr. Hickenlooper; produced water spills on the surface are happening every single day across Colorado.  If you knew what we knew, you would retract your statement above: “It's almost inconceivable” that so-called fracking fluids affect groundwater because they are released far below the level of the water."
Tell us the probability versus the possibility Mr. Hickenlooper when Colorado will eventually have over 100,000 active O&G wells. One need not be a scientist or a biased petroleum geologist, such as yourself to make a sound assessment that fracking is an archaic and inept method.

You appear to not be a good fit for the benefit of Colorado's natural resources. We didn't vote for you! Your feeble attempts at winning the hearts of the citizens is clearly false.  You are now proposing frac-fluid disclosures to only fight the current resistance.  Again,  fracking is an archaic and inept method. It's charlatan at best.

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