Wednesday, August 3, 2011 FRACK-EXHIBIT I


.................................................... has compiled a compendium of  images to illustrate the real devastation that the Oil & Gas Industry imposes on our natural lands.  The exhibit below is one of many that clearly show the massive scarring that occurs to clear a large space to 'frack' for oil and gas. The images below show visible fracking pad 'scars.' The scars are more than 2-5 times the size of a football field. 

We will also show you the 'open pits' that are a very hot topic of fracking discussion.  The open pits are either polymer lined pits or non-lined pits where up to >15 million gallons of 'produced water' is stored.  Produced water is a water & chemical cocktail mix that is used to frac a well.  We all know that there are more than 649 toxic chemicals found in frac fluid. This produced water is stored in an open pit (as shown) where it evaporates.  What are the chemical concentrations of this toxic cocktail that are evaporated in to the air? 

Some of the images contain visible wildlife 'social trails' where animals naturally walk towards a water or food source.  Are these open pits safe for wildlife such as birds, deer, elk, rabbits, small mammals, etc...?

Many of the images appear to show the natural resource visibly sterile.  Void of any vegetation whatsoever, even in areas where there are no active wells.  Would this indicate that remediation has not taken place or been successful by the COGCC? We urge the State of Colorado to investigate these areas and remediate them immediately.

The Oil & Gas Industry appears to have one vision.  Their vision is long-term natural resource destruction for short term monetary gains only to themselves. What will they destroy next?  Don't believe the rhetoric that is spewed in the media regarding the urgency to change to natural gas. If America invested it's brains and money in renewable energy innovation and production it could sustain itself for an unimaginably long time and still posses our oil reserves if we ever needed them.

What is the cost/benefit in this devastatingly ugly toxic venture? We dare say a picture is worth a thousand words, or a thousand lives.


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