Friday, August 26, 2011

Fracking Complaint of the Day - Fugitive Emissions?

Weld County

Date Rec'd:


Complaint taken by:

DocNum:     200318191 API number: 05-123-31420
Complaint Type:

Complainant Information

Name: Steve DeJong
Address: Eric , 80516
Date Received: 8/15/2011
Connection to Incident: land owner 
Description of Complaint:
Oper. No.
Date of Incident: 8/15/2011
Type of Facility: WELL
Well Name/No.
County Name:
Operator contact:
qtrqtr: NWNW section: 13 township: 7N range: 64W meridian: 1
Complaint Issue
Issue: ODOR Assigned To: DEBBIE BALDWIN Status: Resolved 8/15/2011
Description: well was being followed back after fracing in preparation for killing the well and installing the pump. The odor made Mr. DeJong light headed and nauseated. at the time of the incident the wind was blowing from the west to the east. his house is approx 2,300 ft due east of the well site. Mr. DeJong was inquiring about the states requirements for emmissions from and regulation of this type of activity.


Debbie Baldwin contacted Curtis Rueter, Nobel Environmental manager and explained complaint and provided Mr. DeJong's contact information. Debbie Baldwin and Diana Burn contacted Mr. DeJong to explain that Noble's operations were in compliance with cogcc regulations and that the well should be back on line by tomorrow. This well is not normally vented or flared
Letter Sent?: N
Report Links:

Other Notifications
Date: 8/15/2011 Agency: Noble Contact: Curtis Rueter

Response or Details
Curtis Rueter will contact the operations people and investigate this incident. I suggested that in the future should operations like this be conducted again that Noble make arrangement to contact Mr. DeJong and inform him about the proposed work


There are no real meaningful regulations regarding toxic air emissions for the oil and gas industry, so it is no surprise that the oil company turned the switch back on to continue production. The oil and gas industry is EXEMPT from EPA laws designed to protect YOU!

It's an unregulated industry that is forcing itself on the lives of the innocent.  The victims have no rights.  The victims are you.

Fugitive emissions video. You be the judge

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