Thursday, August 25, 2011

NJ puts yearlong freeze on fracking

New Jersey on Thursday issued a one-year ban on hydraulic fracturing, citing the need for more study of the technology used to produce oil and gas from shale formations.      

Kathrine Schmidt and news wires                                 
25 August 2011 21:18 GMT         

Garden State Gov. Chris Christie conditionally vetoed a bill that would have permanently banned the practice, which critics say can pollute drinking water.

"I am placing a one-year moratorium on fracking so (regulators) can further evaluate the potential environmental impacts of this practice in New Jersey as well as evaluate the findings of still outstanding and ongoing federal studies," Christie said, according to Reuters.

The ruling apparently displeased both industry and environmentalists, despite the largely symbolic nature of the debate. There are no known natural gas deposits in New Jersey proposed for development that would require the practice, the state said.

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