Saturday, August 27, 2011

IMAGE - Earthen 'unlined' produced water pit is fed by 15 operators and evaporates +/- 7.2 million gallons per day - Huerfano County, Colorado

The information below depicts an 'Earthen Evaporation/Percolation Pit', or 'unlined pit' for produced water from the oil and gas industry (fracking). The pit is located in Huerfano County, Colorado.  It appears that this open pit evaporates approximately 7.2 million gallons of produced water daily with the pit holding approximately 4.1 million gallons at any given time. The information below also details that approximately fifteen separate operator sites pipeline their produced water in to this pit.

Furthermore, we find that this 'unlined' produced water pit has a groundwater table at a shallow depth of 50' as reported on COGCC's documents below. What are the probabilities that groundwater contamination would occur with an actively operating unlined earthen produced water pit just above it.  Seepage might be a possible issue and storm water runoff/snow melt is another concern we have.  Is it likely that the produced water from evaporation and natural seepage might contaminate the groundwater?

What are the hydrological conditions of this area to prove an 'Earthen Pit' is a sound solution? We think the state should review the liability at this site and employ its mission statement.

According to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC’s) mission statement below, it appears that they may be failing.


The mission of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) is to foster the responsible development of Colorado's oil and gas natural resources.

Responsible development results in:

The efficient exploration and production of oil and gas resources in a manner consistent with the protection of public health, safety and welfare

The prevention of waste
The protection of mineral owners' correlative rights

The prevention and mitigation of adverse environmental impacts

Facility ID: 113489 Facility Name/No: LIVELY EVAP. TANK 2 /
Operator Name: PETROGLYPH ENERGY INC Operator Number: 8667
County: HUERFANO - #055 Location: SESW 35 28S 67W
Field: PURGATOIRE RIVER -# 70830 Lat/Long: 37.561805/-104.860752
Pit Use: PRODUCTION Offsite Disposal: N/A


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  1. i live in walsenburg and our water is milky white, officials say its ok, i have lived here my whole life, and never have seen any b.s. like this, they destroyed our river, cuchara river. sad very sad. please help stop this insanity.

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