Friday, August 26, 2011

Ranchers Exploration Partners LLC - Windsor, CO - Fracking Notice of Alleged Violation


If you remember, we posted sometime ago on the heated debates that Mike Ward , CEO - Ranchers Exploration Partners LLC., had in a 'townhall' style meeting.  Click HERE to review that meeting post.

Date Rec'd: 6/17/2011 Complaint taken by: JOHN AXELSON
DocNum: 200312757 API number: 05-123-32924
Complaint Type:

Complainant Information

Name: Troy Swain
Address: 1555 N. 17th Avenue Greeley , CO 80631
Date Received: 6/17/2011
Connection to Incident: Weld County Dept. Public
Description of Complaint:
Oper. No.
Date of Incident:6/17/2011
Type of Facility: WELL
Well Name/No.
County Name:
Operator contact:
qtrqtr: SWSW section: 30 township: 7N range: 65W meridian: 1
Complaint Issue
Issue: Assigned To: JOHN AXELSON Status: Resolved 6/23/2011
Description: Weld County filed a complaint regarding the dumping of drilling fluids at a property owned by the New Hope Church @ 1900 AA Street in Greeley. Weld County inspected the location and did not believe the fluids were being applied as a beneficial soil amendment. Other materials such as concrete were being disposed on location and they believed the site was being used only for disposal.
Resolution: NOAV issued to Ranchers Exploration requiring them to remove any remaining drilling mud from the church property. Also required to document proper land application of the waste at new location.
Letter Sent?: Y Report Links: | NOAV |
Other Notifications
Date: 6/20/2011 Agency: COGCC Contact: John Axelson
Response or Details
Inspected disposal location at New Hope Church. Most of the drilling mud/cuttings had already been removed and transported to another location for proper land application. A small amount of residual drilling mud was noted - estimate less than one cubic yard.
Date: 6/17/2011 Agency: Ranchers Exploration Partners Contact: Mike Ward
Response or Details
Mr. Ward confirmed that the drilling fluid had been generated from the Ranchers #3 (API 123-32924). He said the material would be cleaned up
from the Church property.

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