Monday, August 22, 2011

Colorado Governor Hickenlooper and Senator Udall Support Fracking?

In the past two weeks, both Governor Hickenlooper and Senator Udall have claimed that fracking won't contaminate your water. Their statements are in clear contradiction to the overwhelming evidence that shows fracking poses a danger to drinking water, public health and the environment. Tell Senator Udall and Governor Hickenlooper to ban fracking now!

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is a technique used to drill for natural gas in dense shale rock formations. It is water-intensive, and it requires a cocktail of sand and chemicals that are linked to cancer and other health issues. Previously touted as the solution to our energy woes that will "deliver big profits," there have been 10 studies in the last 18 months — including peer reviewed analyses and a New York Times investigation — that show fracking is inherently unsafe. So why are Senator Udall and Governor Hickenlooper claiming that fracking doesn't pose a threat to our drinking water?  Urge them to ban fracking today! 

Dozens of other communities have been so concerned about the potential harm fracking can cause to their community that they have banned the practice. Colorado needs to follow their example.  Let Senator Udall and Governor Hickenlooper know that you want them to ban fracking in Colorado!
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Sam Schabacker
Mountain West Region Director
Food & Water Watch

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  1. Do you believe this organization's push for wide-spread bans is realistic?

    Do you think that you are dealing in reality?

    Are the natural gas companies going to say "You guys are right...we are going to fold up our multi-billion dollar corporations and go home."

    They aren't going to do that. And the people who stand to make millions of dollars in royalties and leasing fees aren't going to stand for the bans. When an owner with the mineral rights to their land is stripped of the ability to profit from that land, it falls under the 5th and 14th amendments which protect owners from removing the profitability of their land without just compensation. Bans would make the governing parties responsible for that compensation.

    Why not push for harsher regulation and or more technological advancements so that industries can practice more responsibly?

    The "Hydraulic Fracturing" can contaminate aquifers argument has been thoroughly debunked. That argument represents a clear level of ignorance pertaining to the practice of frac(k)ing. Poor casing/cement jobs are responsible for that.

    If the country is in dire financial straights (and news flash folks, it is) and can benefit tremendously from the money that natural gas stands to make, then why not compromise with industry in a way that provides stringent regulations and advances technological utilization? Both sides are stymied by the red tape. Why not make money by pushing for safer practices?

    This seems so unreasonable to me. Neither one of you are willing to compromise, you always speak past one another...the natural gas industry does have some serious issues to address but living in an ideological wonder land is no way to accomplish what you like. You are going to have to realize that those companies aren't going anywhere. They have there evidence and so do you...and they have a hell of a lot more money than you do. Why don't you push the right buttons? You all are frustrating. I think that you are counter productive and you forget the old adage "The right tool for the right job."

    I think you are trying to frame a house with a maul right now and you all are fighting a losing battle.

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