Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GROUNDSWELL- Proposed Documentary into the Lives of Residents Trying to Resist Fracking

David Kegan - Pennsylvania
Pine Creek Valley Resident
The proposed documentary Groundswell will bring viewers into the lives of people who are trying to resist the consuming march of Gas Drilling known as Fracking.

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Sold to us as a National Security need the gold rush mentality of drilling thousands of gas wells before they are proven safe is meeting resistance from environmental groups, people who want to protect our drinking water, and residents of municipalities who do not want their towns turned into Industrial sites. Groundswell is the story of the resistance to the drilling and dangers, myths, sales job and alternatives to this unproven method of extracting energy.

Please contact: to learn more about Groundswell. The Resolution Media Fund is looking for support to continue production of the film.

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Renard Cohen
Vice President
Resolution Pictures
610-533-7660 cell
610-681-4419 hm

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